Environment Concept Art
A little taste of what is to come directly after the toilet event. Stay tuned!
Project: Patrick Has A Problem
Patrick's Home
Project: Patrick Has A Problem
One Long Night
Poster 001 with new working title "Get Out of the House!"
"The Night He Stayed Home!"
Refined Character & Creature Concept Art
Poster 002 with new working title "Get Out of the House!"
"The Night He Stayed Home!"
A complete redesign was exactly what this project needed. My original concepts just did not hold up anymore so I thought that a total rehaul was in order.
Mom Character Design Refined
Project: "Patrick Has A Problem"
Jack Torrance from "The Shining" inspired character design.
Project: "Patrick Has A Problem"
Character design inspired by Michael Jackson's costume from his music video "Thriller".
Project: "Patrick Has A Problem"
"The Shamrock Three", inspired by the Halloween masks prominantly featured in the 1980s film "Halloween III: Season of the Witch".
Project: "Patrick Has A Problem"
Vincent Price inspired character design.
Project: "Patrick Has A Problem"
MR. SAFETY, the toy that every boy needs!
Project: "Patrick Has A Problem"
Jason Voorhees inspired character.
Project: "Patrick Has A Problem"
Ben Tramer inspired character.
Ms. Rodahl [Formally Mrs. Woodhouse]
Project: "Patrick Has A Problem"
Stuart Ullman inspired character.
Third design for the mother, hopefully this one is the last.
Patrick Head Turnaround.
Digitally Rendered in Adobe Photoshop.
Witch Head Turn Around.
Digitally rendered in Adobe Photoshop.
What the toilet turns into after the initial reveal that it is alive...stay tuned to find out what happens here!
Light Fixture with Tentacles.
Created in Adobe Photoshop.
Official Storyboards
Early Sketches & Concepts
The very earliest stages of the project when I finally got around to actually sketching out my ideas. I've had this idea for a silly story for a long time now, even before ever putting pen to paper; these were drawn with pen and then shaded with grayscale markers.
This original sketch is far from perfect, but they still have the spark of what the story has now become. The early sketches were inspired a great deal by style that resembles director Tim Burton; while the designs have changed since then, I think they still have a bit of that style influencing them.
My second go to creating "Patrick", I wanted his hair and pajamas to resemble a style that you would see out of the 70s with young children. I didn't want to make it completely apparent, but I still wanted to give it that bit of flare.
My first try at making Patrick's mother, unfortunately it came across less as a mother figure and more of a teenager you'd see in most 80s slasher flicks. 
The second, but not the last, rendition of the mother. 
The very first quickly made thumbnails I put together in order to get an idea of what I wanted the style of the piece to look like. For the most part, a lot of this remained the same even in the current stages that I am in now. Although at the same time, a lot has also changed about the frames. From the character designs to some of the angles I ended up choosing.
As flawed as these are, I am thankful that I drew them up because they led to the project's end result and hopefully has made it a better product.
One of the major problems I had was the restrictions I received early on into the project. I was limited to telling the story in only four frames; no more, no less. So some things don't exactly read very well, such as with the toilet coming to life and crushing the mother's head into the wall. It is easily read as the boy went into hysterics and hurtled the toilet at his mom...not quite what I was going for, but luckily I was able to add a lot more frames for the storyboard process to make it undeniable that there is a killer toilet in this universe...yep.
Original Storyboards
A lot of the environment designs have been modified since this project began, but at the same time I did end up reusing some of the backgrounds because I believe they captured exactly the style and atmosphere that I wanted for this skit.
I did try to figure out certain ways in placing the camera in order to make the toilet coming to life as subtle as possible, like with only showing the toilet's shadow in the background. My attempt to pay homage to directors such as John Carpenter and James Wann, where they have their "scares" show up just casually in the background and now made into a huge spectacle.

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