Hello everyone, my name is John Plocar and I consider myself to be a pretty darn decent artist. However, that's not all I am limited to being since I am fairly familiar with most aspects of film making; from creating concept art and 3D modeling to writing, directing and editing. 
I am originally from Westmont, IL and have since found myself living in Weatherford, TX. I studied at the Art Institute and have gained a wide array of talents from my time there; if someone gives me a task, I can do it or I will definitely figure it out. But also have learned how to work as a group or on my own whenever required. I know when it's time to take things seriously while still making light of almost any situation. I'm one to make laughs and get things done all at once.
Visit my social media accounts if you would like to see more that I have to offer!
If you would like to support me and my art, as well as even get something in return, then please visit my Patreon or Fiverr pages!
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