So... I've done a thing o.o 

I recently entered this piece of Krusty the Clown into a fanart contest for a chance to have my art be featured on a Halloween episode of The Simpsons &... that's exactly what's happened! 😃 

The episode aired on Fox on October 23rd w/ MY artwork shown at the end of the episode, along w/ a handful of other artists. The episode has also found its way onto Hulu the following day, in case anyone is curious enough to see it for themselves. 

I know it's not the most impressive thing in the world, but I'm kinda excited to have my art seen by literally millions of people on a show I grew up with & hold dear to my heart. Especially the Treehouse of Horror episodes. 5-year-old me's mind is completely blown right now!
An animated showcase of my Krusty the Clown artwork.
A timelapse of my art process for the Krusty the Clown horror fan art.
The end credits of the Treehouse of Horror episode showcasing my piece among others!
A bonus surprise I received in the mail from 20th Century Fox Studios themselves!

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