Billie Eilish Art Contest
By far one of my most experimental pieces that I've done in a while. Kind of a semi-callback to the works I was doing back in my early days at art school, yet still evolving my style from there. I'm honestly really happy about this and this experience made me feel like an artist again. I'm fairly happy with the end result and especially the vibrancy of the colors that I feel truly pop here.

The process of creating this was simple yet different from what I've done, at least in a long time. I started off just painting a mood piece with no particular direction other than what I was feeling from Billie Eilish's music. I let it feed whatever different colors and brushstrokes that I felt from her songs. From there an image began to form in the noggin. I let the abstract canvas I made inspire what came next and what the piece ultimately became.

This was fun and exciting for me to do. The most excited I've been about making art in quite some time. Fingers crossed it's any good!

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