A Monster Beneath (Cave of Terror)
This became a much bigger project than I had initially anticipated when making this piece. When I started this piece, it was only supposed to be a creature design with a simple backdrop. As I began stitching together a background of some cave stock photos to place my creature into, I got somewhat carried away in the process. Designing an entire world and story for my giant monster to be dropped into. Adding as much detail, atmosphere, and mystery as I possibly could; along with some epic visual storytelling. 

The creature originated from another environmental piece I had completed recently. Afterwards, I wanted to flesh out and refine the design more. The design was inspired by a few different properties from sci-fi/action/horror films I grew up with; such as Tremors, Alien, Predator, Starship Troopers, and Star Wars.

With the cave I wanted to implement the feeling that there was something more to this place, other than being an empty cave with a big scary monster inside. Eluding to a vague sense of history that maybe this creature's origins come from. 

The inclusion of the female hero was another element carried over from my previous environment piece. A "badass" type heavily inspired by The Terminator's Sarah Conner character combined with someone I know in my own personal life... who is coincidentally also named Sarah.

Cave Monster
Cave Without Monster
Originally planned to be simply a more refined creature design of a monster that I created in a recent piece, then slowly became a bit more complex with a whole environment and story unfolding within the world my creature inhabits. A warrior journeys down into a mysterious cave where she finds the remains of an ancient society down below the surface, as well as giant claw marks on the cave walls.

Because I ended up putting in much more effort and detail into the environment, I decided to include it as its own separate piece excluding the giant creature. I like the atmosphere and mystery of it.
Making A Sword
I actually wasn't planning on creating a sword or any prop currently, but I was working on an environment piece where the hero needed a weapon. I became inspired to give her a sword, not just any sword though, I wanted to make something much more eye-catching. Originally, I was playing with the idea of a very neon futuristic approach ala Blade Runner aesthetic for the sword, but then it rapidly became much more rustic and seemingly handcrafted from scraps found. The design is heavily inspired by the sword of Emily Blunt's character from the film Edge of Tomorrow (Live.Die.Repeat) as well as a sword from World of Warcraft called "Thunder Fury Blessed Blade of the Windseeker."
Process of Concept

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