Character & Creature Portraits/Concepts/Commission Art
Environments, Props & Vehicles
"My Sketchbook"
Halloween Ends Meets Halloween III: Season of the Witch
Metallica Fan Art
A Digital Art Tribute to Kevin Conroy as Batman
Krusty the Clown Simpsons Treehouse of Horror Fanart
A Girl & Her Scarecrow [Digital Painting]
Autumn's Love & Stroll Through the Pumpkin Patch
Persephone's Odyssey - A Horror Tale in Greek Mythology
A Monster Beneath (Cave of Terror)
Billie Eilish Art Contest
Alien Invasion Environment
Beldam's New Cursed Child - Coraline/ParaNorman Fanart
Family Portrait
Grandpa Gnome & Grandma Fairy
"Patrick Has A Problem"
Concept Boards
Short Films
The Train [Digital 3D Model]
The Projector [Digital 3D Model]
Digital 3D Model Works in Progress
2D & 3D Animations
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